Are Wood Burning Stoves Being Banned | Just Log It

Are Wood Burning Stoves Being Banned | Just Log It

There has been some hearsay that wood burning stoves are being banned. Thankfully for you, and for us and our kiln dried logs, this isn’t the case. However, the government has put a plan in place that will ban ‘polluting fuels’ from being sold, and used, in homes.

So, What is Being Banned?

The government has plans to phase out the sale of house coal and wet wood in England, by 2021. Although they are the perfect feature for a cosy room, wood burning stoves and coal fires are the single largest contributor to our national emissions of particulate matter. In order to try and tackle this, the government is banning the ‘polluting fuels’ we use to heat our homes.

The tiny particle pollutants that are in wet wood and coal, known as PM2.5, can penetrate deep into the lungs and blood, and can cause serious health issues. The Environment Secretary, George Eustice, has claimed that “moving toward the use of cleaner fuels such as dry wood, we can all play a part in improving the health of millions of people”.

Sales of wet wood and house coal will be phased out from 2021 to 2023. This includes sales of all bagged coal, as found in supermarkets and DIY stores, loose coal sold directly to customers via coal merchants and sales of wet wood in units under 2 cubic metres. Wet wood sold in larger volumes will have to be sold with advice on how to dry it before burning.

So, What can you use Instead?

In order to follow the regulations that will come into place, and to get the best burn with the highest heat output, you should burn kiln dried logs. Kiln dried logs have been dried to have a moisture content below 20%. As the moisture content is lower the flames spend more time burning the wood and producing heat, and less time evaporating the moisture.

Not only do kiln dried logs provide the most heat but they are also better for your wood burning stove. Wet logs release damaging particles such as soot, tar and creosote into the atmosphere as they burn. Not only is this bad for the environment but it is also bad for your wood burning stove. These emissions will blacken the glass and damage your stove.

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David Fuller
21st March 2022

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