Best Burning Woods For Your Fire – Just Log It

Best Burning Woods For Your Fire – Just Log It

As the summer faded away, we can begin to get excited about the coming seasons. The early nights, cosy evenings, colder weather, hot chocolate and warming meals all play their part. Nothing says hello winter like a beautiful, flickering log fire at home; the light gives any room a magical glow, and the warmth of the fire is relaxing.

Knowing the best wood to burn for your fire isn’t always an easy choice though. There are plentiful options to choose from, each one giving something unique to the experience of having a fire burning beautifully at home. Whether you are new to open fires, wood stoves or fireplaces or are looking for new types of wood to burn, here are some amazing choices that will enhance your experience, be kinder to the environment and save you money.


Kiln Died Ash Logs - Quick Burn Logs

When looking for the best firewood, one attribute that needs to be considered high-ranking is its ability to burn bright for longer. Longevity ensures a lower-maintenance fire and a lower cost experience as the amount of wood used is proportionally less than many quick burn logs.

Ash, blackthorn, hawthorn, oak, sycamore and walnut are all great examples of woods that burn incredibly well, and often with limited smoke which benefits any closed spaces. These woods are all suitable for indoor fires; they burn brighter and retain good amounts of heat for longer.


Wood fragrance - Buy Logs & Firewood

Ensuring you choose a wood that smells great is all part of what makes the experience so enchanting. Apple, birch, cherry, maple, pine and yew all smell wonderful adding a general and mellow fragrance around the house. Apple and maple work particularly well for cooking with a wood stove. The Yew is beautifully smelling while also burning brighter for longer, giving off plenty of heat to warm the home. The pine gives off a wonderful festive aroma and is a popular choice in December.


All woods should be seasoned before being used in the home. With a much lower detainment of moisture compared to unseasoned logs, seasoned logs can go from holding 60% moisture content to approx. 15% after being kiln-dried. The process occurs from 6-12 months and results in logs being more durable, less costly, better for air-quality and easier to store.

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