How to Build the Perfect Fire

How to Build the Perfect Fire

There are plenty of ways to build a good fire, if you know one that works well then stick to it. But, if you haven’t quite mastered your method yet read on for our fire building tips.

  • Stack your big logs on the bottom of the fire
  • Add the smaller logs next then add a layer of kindling on top
  • Scrunch up some old newspaper and put this on top of the kindling
  • Place a fire lighter on top, if you have any
  • Light the top layer of newspaper, or the fire lighter

Within 15-20 mins all layers of your fire should be lit and you should have a roaring fire going. 

Tips for Lighting a Fire Inside

The guidelines for lighting a fire inside of a wood burner or fireplace are a little more detailed. 

Firstly, you should check if your fire has a damper. Most wood burners won’t, but open fires may. If you have one, check that it is open by shining a light up the chimney. If it is closed, or partially open, then you will have smoke coming into your room.

Secondly, make sure you have a window open. This may sound counterintuitive, but the fire needs a steady flow of oxygen to burn well. Insulation and draft proofing is so advanced nowadays that it can hinder fire burning. Making sure there is a window open will give you the fuel you need, providing your fire with a bit of oomph.

You should also prime your flue. The flue will be cold and so the cold air will sink down and push smoke into your room. This is easily fixed, you can roll up some newspaper and light it, then hold it under the flue for a while. You will know it is warm enough when the draft starts to reverse.

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