How Much Should Kiln Dried Logs Cost?

How Much Should Kiln Dried Logs Cost?

Stove producers, gas installers, chimney sweeps and firewood suppliers often recommend kiln dried logs for wood burning and so they are quickly becoming the preferred choice by people who use wood fuel to heat their home.

To understand why they are so widely recommended we can look at the difference between them and regular logs. Traditionally a tree would be felled, cut into logs and aired to extract the moisture over a long period of time, quite often at least a year. Once a log has been left to air for a year it is suitable to burn for a fire but will most likely need a lot of kindling and effort to keep it alight and will not output much heat. Some firewood suppliers will leave logs 2-3 years to air, but this obviously takes up a lot of space and time so suppliers that do this are hard to come by.

In contrast, kiln dried logs are dried in an industrial kiln to remove excess moisture from the firewood. Because so much moisture has been removed from them the majority of their mass is burnable carbon which allows them to burn hotter and for longer. In some cases, one kiln dried log can give off at least twice the amount of energy/ heat tan a regular log, meaning you can power your appliance with half the number of logs.

Factors That Affect the Cost

Kiln Died Ash Logs & Firewoods

The cost of kiln dried logs can vary depending on a number of factors, some of which are:
– The moisture contents, cheaper options may not offer a guaranteed moisture level. If you can, find logs with the lowest moisture level as this is key to getting the most out of your logs.
– The quantity of logs you are purchasing and whether they are bagged or loose, buying them loose can be more cost effective but not so many firewood suppliers offer this option.
– Whether the company offers log delivery, and if this delivery is included in the cost.
– The type of wood: Different woods have different burning properties, some like birch catch fire easily and produce heat quickly whilst others are slow burners but produce heat for longer. It is often best to buy a mixture.
– Where the logs are from.
– Whether or not they are sustainably sourced, if you are unsure of the supplier, the more information they have about the source the more likely it is to be sustainable and quality.

Are They Worth the Cost?

As mentioned earlier kiln dried logs will burn hotter and longer than seasoned logs but there also other benefits. The logs will be delivered ready to burn immediately so you won’t have to put them in your own wood store to continue drying out. This also means you can source them as and when and won’t need space to store large amounts. The fact that they are becoming increasingly popular means there are a number of firewood suppliers and you should always be able to find logs available. Finally, they are safer for your appliance and won’t cause any damage in the long run like seasoned logs may. Once you take all these points into consideration it is clear that the additional cost of kiln dried logs is worth it.

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