How To Store Logs To Keep Them Dry

How To Store Logs To Keep Them Dry

Kiln drying is a process of force drying logs in a commercial kiln, which can be done within 4-6 days, depending on the efficiency of the kiln. This means that they have had their moisture content reduced in a controlled way to between 10-15% of the logs’ volume, which is considered extremely low by industry standards. This makes them efficient for burning in places such as fireplaces and wood burning stoves where they need to catch alight quickly and burn for long amounts of time without unnecessary smoke and soot. 

With kiln dried logs you get a very consistent product, as once the kiln drying process is complete the logs are not exposed to the elements or any dampness that could lead to increased moisture levels. The packaging, transport and delivery process further protects them from any exposure to the elements, ensuring you get a product that is consistent throughout

When storing kiln dried logs, the ideal place to store them is indoors where it is warm and dry, however, what if you can’t store them indoors because of space? 

Well, you can store them outside on the condition that they are protected from moisture such as rain and snow. You also need to ensure that there is a good air flow around the wood. To keep kiln dried logs protected and in good condition you should stack them rather than leave them in a heap. If you are storing the logs outside, it is important  to stack kiln dried wood tightly and neatly to avoid any damage and to ensure that only the top layer will get damp if there is a possibility of rain. If you leave the kiln dried logs in a heap, if there is a chance they will get wet, they will absorb water from the ground so ensure that there is some sort of barrier on the ground beneath the logs especially if you are storing them on soil or grass.

A sheltered area such as a garage or shed is an ideal location for kiln dried logs as they get great air flow and low humidity which is vital to avoid mould and damp.

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