What Are the Differences Between Kiln Dried Logs and Normal Wood?

What Are the Differences Between Kiln Dried Logs and Normal Wood?

People often wonder whether there are really many differences between kiln dried logs and seasoned, or standard, logs, and whether the price difference is worth it. Ultimately the difference comes down to moisture content and burn time, but whether they are worth the extra cost comes down to your own opinion. To make your decision you will want to know a bit about each, so we have broken them down for you.

The Logs

Kiln dried logs

Seasoned logs are any firewood that has been left to dry out on its own. Most often the wood is split into smaller logs of about 25cm and the bark is removed, if the bark is left on moisture can get trapped in the log and can prevent it from drying out. Most seasoned wood is sold with the intention that the buyer will air it for a further few months at home, to ensure the moisture content is between 30-50%.

Kiln dried logs are wood that has been dried in a kiln to speed up the process and get as much of the moisture out as possible. The average moisture of a kiln dried log is 20%, but they can be lower than this.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

The obvious advantage of seasoned logs is that they are much cheaper, and easier to get hold of any wood that you can chop down from your garden and air for a few months is a seasoned log. However, that being said, you need to have a firewood store or a place to keep these logs for several months, before they are dry enough to be burned. Furthermore, because they have a higher moisture content, they will burn much quicker and you will find that you are using a lot more of them. It is also recommended that seasoned logs are only used on open fires.

Kiln dried logs on the other hand are a little bit more expensive. That being said, because they are much drier, they will burn hotter and for longer, so you will find that you don’t need so many of them. Additionally, they will be ready to use as soon as you purchase them, you won’t need to worry about finding a place to store them to dry out any further. Kiln dried logs are appropriate firewood for all types of fire, and due to their low moisture content, you will find that they don’t produce as much smoke, which can often leave the glass of your wood burner looking black and dirty.

When you compare the advantages and disadvantages like this it is easy to see that buying anything other than kiln dried logs is a false economy and often more hassle than it is worth.

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