Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln Dried Logs

Cosying up this February with a beautiful, flickering, real log-fire in the home is something you might only see on TV.

Well, no more…

There is nothing more homely, inviting and atmospheric than lighting a warming flame in a fully functional fireplace that exudes around the entire house.

So, why kiln dried logs?

Quite simply this natural firewood goes through a process of reducing the moisture in the logs by baking them in a kiln to make them more resourceful by lasting longer when lit. The kiln can be powered by natural gas, solar energy or electricity – making it a very appealing option, no matter your circumstances or beliefs.

The logs are dried, slowly in a kiln for anywhere between 60 to 168 hours. The aim being to reduce the moisture to about 20% – this is incredibly beneficial in preparing the logs for commercial or residential use while also killing off any bugs and insects at the same time.

Benefits of this kind of firewood are vastly more useful than untreated firewood. The kiln dried wood burns brighter for longer when in use; the reality is the lower water content from the drying out process means less heat escapes out of the chimney producing less soot and tar in the air and less logs needed to burn. They also ignite quickly and easily due to the reduction in moisture, making them safer and easier to use.

To illustrate it more obviously for you; it takes more than 3 times the amount of unseasoned logs to produce the same heat as 1 kiln dried log.

Kinder to the environment.

Kinder to your pocket.

Kinder to the air-quality in the home.

Warming your entire home for longer periods of time and for less makes these the right choice for our customers.

I am unable to obtain any more stock at present and so sadly am now closing for the season. Thank you everyone for your business and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Thank you

David Fuller
21st March 2022

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