The Best Wood for BBQ’s

The Best Wood for BBQ’s

Since the dawn of time, we have been obsessed with flames, there is something about standing over an open fire that just takes us back to primitive times. That feeling is perhaps the reason BBQ’s are so successful. If you want to get the most from your BBQ, you need to be using the right wood.

People are getting serious about the wood they cook their food on, it can dictate the taste, and quality, of the food you make. Matching wood to your ingredients might sound a bit over the top, but you shop for a wine pairing? So, why not find the right wood too.

Sweet Chestnut

Sweet chestnut has a medium to hard density, it burns slowly, and is perfect for Asian dishes, for which the meat, fish or vegetables rely on simple cooking flavours. Sweet chestnut is also great when mixed with other wood, for cooking pizza.

Silver Birch

Silver Birch gives off a zesty flavour when burned, this pairs perfectly with aged beef, game or venison, which all have strong flavours that are capable of standing up to this bold wood.


Beech may give the image of being a soft wood, but in reality, it is extremely hard and is often cut into thin shards to release its flavour when burning. This wood smulders like an incense stick, it gives off a herbal aroma that pairs with oily fish and lighter meats.


This fruity wood is great to cook and smoke with, it burns with a bit of acidity and is the perfect pair for cooking pork,

English Oak

English Oak is a hardwood popular in furniture production, however, it is also used for smoking salmon often, as it has a strong resistance to burning and produces a constantly heavy smoke.

If you’re having trouble sourcing these woods, kiln dried logs can also work for BBQ cooking. Our kiln dried logs burn low and slow, meaning you can cook on them for longer.

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21st March 2022

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