Types Of Firewood and How They Burn

Types Of Firewood and How They Burn

Kiln dried logs are a phenomenal option for firewood to keep your home feeling warm and toasty. But which specific type of kiln dried log is best for you?

Types Of Kiln Dried Logs 

Kiln Dried Ash

Kiln dried ash is one of the most popular firewoods in the UK. Its features include a long burn duration, big flame and high heat output. As a hardwood log, it is recommended by stove manufacturers as a reliable source of firewood. An additional benefit is the lack of smoke it produces which may suit those with asthma or breathing difficulties.

Kiln Dried Birch

Birch gets to a hot temperature at a fast rate and offers a good amount of heat. It is ideal for a variety of uses in your household such as fueling your pizza oven and outdoor fireplaces. Another characteristic is its ability to produce less smoke which is suitable for camping.

Kiln Dried Hornbeam

Hornbeam has a very slow burn, a high heat output and does not need as much refuelling compared to other firewood. Its texture is hard and dense which can make it difficult to light if slightly wet. Using birch or alder alongside this firewood can help get it started. Not to mention, minimizing the moisture content as much as possible.

Kiln Dried Oak

Oak is a renowned and popular firewood. It burns slowly for long durations, produces a small flame and emanates heat for extended periods. Similar to hornbeam, it is dense and can be difficult to light straight away. Oak starts with a flame and then gradually reduces to a glow. It also has a mild smell that is suitable when cooking or having a barbeque.

Kiln Dried Alder

Alder is extremely easy to light, gives off minimal smoke and has a natural smell. Like birch, it is great to use for your pizza oven as well as barbecues. Furthermore, as softer firewood, it does not burn for incredibly long durations like oak or hornbeam. Alder tends to be less expensive compared to other firewood, possibly due to being easy to find and buy.

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