What is More Eco Friendly – Logs or Coal | Just Log It

What is More Eco Friendly – Logs or Coal | Just Log It

There is a fairly unanimous view that wood will always beat coal when it comes to choosing the most sustainable fuel for your fire, by why is this? Below are some of the reasons why logs are the most eco friendly option.

Carbon Emissions

Burning any type of mineral fuel (ie. coal) will ‘unlock’ carbon dioxide into the environment. This carbon has previously been held underground for the past few million years, but is released once the coal is burnt. On top of that, many fossil fuels such as coal or petrol, have to be imported, so once you factor in the journey it takes to get them here, their carbon footprint is even bigger.

In contrast, burning logs only ever releases carbon dioxide that is already actively circulating in the carbon cycle, so no additional carbon dioxide is released. In fact, burning logs does not release any additional carbon dioxide than would be released if they were left to decompose on the forest floor.

Renewable Energy

As coal is made from fossil fuels it takes millions of years to form and is therefore a limited source. Once it is gone, it’s gone. Logs on the other hand are renewable, and for every tree that is chopped down another one can be replanted. In order to make sure this is happening you should always buy from a sustainable supplier.

Seasoned Wood or Kiln Dried Logs?

Although wood is generally more eco friendly, to make sure you are causing as little of an impact on the environment, you should understand which type of wood is best to burn. Any wood you burn should be dry and seasoned, this means the fire doesn’t have to work as hard to burn it and so less smoke is produced.

The most efficient and environmentally friendly type of logs is kiln dried logs. Kiln dried logs are left in a warm place, protected from the rain, to ensure their moisture content is less than approximately 20%. Because of their reduced moisture content, kiln dried logs will burn hotter and for longer than normal wood, and so you will protect your pocket as well as the environment.

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