What is the Best Wood for an Open Fire?

What is the Best Wood for an Open Fire?

It may seem like a funny time to start talking about firewood, I mean it’s still summer, right? Right, but as the winter draws closer and most of us are holidaying differently this year, knowing your way around an open fire could be incredibly advantageous.

The flickering glow of a wood-burning fire can be intoxicatingly relaxing; it’s the perfect accompaniment when at home reclining or entertaining, or even if you are out camping and enjoying the last days of summer.
It is not, however, just the cosiness or glorious glow that makes open fires so enticing; the fragrance of wood smoke and burning wood can be just as stimulating as the feeling you get from the heat of the open-fire or watching it light up the room.

wood-burning fire

Slow Burner

Slow-burning wood is definitely the most cost-effective choice for firewood. Ash is one of the most popular choices for firewood in the home; it produces great heat and requires surprising fewer logs than its counterparts. Cherry is also a slow burner, making it an excellent choice for a longer-lasting fire.

Slow to Season, Excellent to Burn

Oak, Beech, Birch and Cherry are all incredibly robust burners, these woods tend to need a fair amount of kiln-drying as the moisture content can be particularly high; these all give off a glorious aroma, making them a lovely choice for your home heating.

Quick Season

Sycamore unlike the above, seasons very quickly, it is a great wood for burning and gives off a steady, yet moderate amount of heat.

Buying any of these woods is easy and as long as they have been treated, they can be ready to use instantly. When storing the firewood, keep them stacked and as dry as possible, if you cover your wood ensure one side is left open, this avoids the logs sweating and creating more moisture for itself, storing sensibly will ensure lasting results and can be used at your pleasure whenever you fancy.

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